​​​​Motorbike Loans for BMW

Are you wanting to buy a new BMW bike?
Need finance but don't want to navigate the muddy waters of dealers & banks?
Let us find you a great deal on the finance for your new or used brand motorcycle.

Our small team of motorcycle finance experts have the knowledge & experience to assess your situation and choose a lender that is perfect for you.

We do all the heavy lifting so that your application goes as smoothly as possible.

3 Steps to Your New BMW


Complete Application Form

Our online application form allows you to enter all details required to apply for a motorbike loan.
No shuffling of paperwork & signing in 6 places....just complete some basic details and we will do the rest. 


Provide Documentation

As with any loan, a lender needs to verify your identity & income. Our team can do this easily via a phone call.
Its best to have a copy of your ID ready, as well as any income evidence.


Confirm Lender & Buy

Our team will get back to you fairly quickly with an offer for finance.
We will find the ideal lender for your situation & all you have to do is say 'yes'.
Now comes the fun part....go and buy your new bike!

Start your

Complete our online form to get started on your Motorbike Loan Application.


  • What is a Motorbike Loan?

  • Can anyone Apply for a loan?

  • What documents do i need?

  • How Long does it take?

  • How much can i borrow?

  • what is pre-approval?

What is a Motorbike Loan?

A motorbike loan, otherwise known as a motorbike finance agreement or motorcycle loan, is quite simply a loan that is used to purchase a motorbike. They can be used for both new and used motorcycles and are one of the most popular ways to finance a bike purchase in Australia.

Motorbike loans may be offered through a bank, credit union or smaller lender, whilst dealerships can sometimes handle the applications through their lender partnerships. They can be used as a financial agreement for tourers, sports bikes, classic bikes, quad bikes and motor scooters.

While various types of loan are available, most motorbike loans are secured agreements that use the vehicle itself as collateral.

Fast Approvals for all types of Motorbikes